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Best 3D Animation vfx Courses Borivali, Malad, Mumbai.

2D and 3D Animation and vfx courses Mumbai.

ZICA Borivali is India’s leading Institute offering animation and vfx courses in Borivali, Mumbai.

ZICA Borivali is India’s leading Institute offering Advance 2D and 3D Animation and vfx courses in Borivali, Mumbai. Animation involves manipulating images to create the illusion of movement. In traditional animation, pictures are hand-drawn or painted on transparent celluloid sheets, then photographed and displayed on film. Nowadays, the majority of animations rely on computer-generated imagery crafted by skilled animation and 3D artists. Animation extends beyond mere cartoon or sketch creation; it's a fusion of art and technology. It empowers individuals to breathe life into their imaginations. Proficient skills and proper training can open doors to employment opportunities in animation studios, production houses, advertising agencies, VFX studios, and TV channels, offering competitive salaries.

Visual effects, often abbreviated as VFX, involve crafting or altering imagery beyond the scope of live-action movies in the world of cinema. In today's cinematic landscape, virtually no movie is created without visual effects. India boasts over 500 animation and VFX studios, both large and small, aiding production houses and TV channels in delivering captivating content to audiences. The field of VFX education in India presents tremendous opportunities, given its continuous expansion. According to a FICCI-KPMG report, the Animation and VFX industry in India is projected to surpass Rs 11,000 crores by the year 2020.

Given these statistics, there exists a significant opportunity for pursuing formal training in animation and VFX from a reputable institution. Our animation training in Borivali stands as a premier choice in Mumbai. Our animation programs are entirely geared toward securing employment. Our dedicated placement cell ensures job prospects for all ZICA graduates with commendable grades.

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Fundamentals of Art, Design & Computer Graphics (6 Months)

Fundamentals of Art, Design & Computer Graphics

    An introductory course covering the basics of art, design principles, and the application of these principles in computer graphics.

    Fundamentals of Art & Design

    Exploring the core elements of visual art and design, including color theory, composition, balance, and contrast.

    History of Animation

    A study of the evolution of animation, from its early beginnings to the modern digital age, examining key milestones and influential animators.

    Principles of Design

    Delving into design principles such as unity, rhythm, emphasis, and proportion, which are essential for creating visually pleasing and effective designs.

    Fundamentals of Drawing

    Developing fundamental drawing skills, including line, shape, form, and shading, as a foundation for art and design.


    Learning the principles of perspective drawing to create depth and dimension in artwork and design.

    Character Design

    Exploring the art of character creation, including developing unique personalities, traits, and visual styles for characters in animation, games, and storytelling.


    Understanding the process of creating storyboards, which are essential for planning and visualizing sequences in animation and filmmaking.

    Computer Graphics

    An introduction to digital tools and techniques used in computer graphics, including software applications for illustration, 3D modeling, and image manipulation.

    Background Painting

    Focusing on the art of creating backgrounds and settings for animations and visual media, emphasizing atmosphere and mood through artistic techniques.

    These topics provide a solid foundation for individuals interested in pursuing a career in art, design, and computer graphics, particularly in fields like animation, game design, and visual storytelling. Each subject plays a crucial role in developing the skills and knowledge necessary for success in these creative industries.
2D Animation & 3D Digital Art (6 Months)

    2D Digital Animation

    Exploring the techniques and principles of creating animations in a two-dimensional space, including character animation and motion design.

    3D Modeling

    Learning to create three-dimensional objects and characters using specialized software, shaping the foundation of 3D digital art and animation.


    Understanding the process of adding textures and materials to 3D models to make them appear realistic or stylized, enhancing visual appeal.


    Mastering the art of lighting in 3D digital art, including techniques for creating realistic lighting effects, shadows, and ambiance.

    Stop Motion

    Delving into the unique world of stop motion animation, which involves capturing a series of images to create movement, often using physical objects or puppets.

    Audio & Video Editing

    Acquiring skills in editing audio and video to enhance the overall quality of animations, including synchronization and sound effects.

    These topics represent a comprehensive overview of the key skills and techniques necessary for both 2D and 3D animation, digital art, and related fields. They enable individuals to create captivating animations and visual content in a variety of styles and mediums.
3D Character Animation (6 Months)


    The process of creating a skeleton-like structure (rig) for a 3D character, enabling animators to control and manipulate its movements realistically.

    Character Animation

    The art of bringing 3D characters to life through movement and expression, including techniques for conveying emotions, personality, and actions.


    Exploring the final stage of the animation process, which involves generating the finished, polished images or frames from the 3D scene, complete with lighting, textures, and visual effects.

    These topics are essential for individuals interested in 3D character animation. They cover the technical aspects of rigging and rendering, as well as the creative aspects of bringing characters to life through expressive and engaging animations.
Visual Effects 6 Months)


    The study of creating realistic physical simulations in VFX, including effects like explosions, collisions, and fluid dynamics.

    Tech Animation

    The art of animating technical or mechanical elements, such as machinery, robotics, or intricate devices, to integrate seamlessly into live-action footage.


    A technique used to trace over live-action footage frame by frame, often used for isolating objects or characters in VFX compositing.


    The process of isolating and removing a specific color or range of colors from an image or video, commonly used for green screen and blue screen compositing.

    Color Correction

    Adjusting the colors and tones of images or footage to achieve desired visual effects or to match different shots within a project.

    Camera Projection

    A technique for projecting 2D or 3D images onto surfaces within a scene to create realistic textures and backgrounds.


    The practice of analyzing and following the movement of objects or features within a scene to integrate VFX elements seamlessly into live-action footage.

    CG Compositing

    Combining computer-generated (CG) elements with live-action footage to create cohesive and convincing VFX shots.

    These topics are crucial for individuals pursuing a career in visual effects, as they encompass a wide range of technical skills and creative techniques necessary to produce stunning and realistic visual effects in films, television, and other media.

The zee institute of creative art Borivali branch is dedicated to providing quality education to the students. Best vfx institute in Mumbai, The institute offers a range of courses like Animation, VFX courses and more. The classes are offered in a flexible schedule that can accommodate students busy work schedules. After completion of this course and passing the certification test you will have a very bright prospect in the Animation, Visual Effects studios. You will also have the ability to contribute to any/all departments of the production pipeline, with a clear understanding of the fundamentals and know-how of 3D Studio Max software

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3D animation courses

Professional Program in Animation VFX (1 Year)

Are you passionate about 3D animation and visual effects (VFX)? Are you ready to embark on a creative journey that encompasses the fundamentals of art, design, and animation principles? Look no further than the premier Animation and VFX institute in Mumbai.

Our Comprehensive Program:
At our institute, we offer a holistic program that covers the essential building blocks of 3D animation and VFX. Our curriculum is designed to provide students with a strong foundation in art and design principles, ensuring that they have the creative skills necessary to excel in the world of animation and visual effects.

3D Animation in Detail:
Our program dives deep into the realm of 3D animation. Students are exposed to the intricacies of 3D modeling, texturing, lighting, shading, and animation techniques. We believe in providing hands-on experience and practical knowledge, allowing our students to harness their creativity and bring their visions to life.

Compositing with After Effects & Fusion:
In addition to 3D animation, we equip our students with the essential compositing skills required for the VFX industry. They will master industry-standard software tools such as After Effects and Fusion, learning how to seamlessly integrate visual effects into live-action footage.

Building Your Portfolio:
At the end of our course, our students don't just leave with knowledge; they leave with a professional 3D portfolio. We believe in practical application, and we encourage our students to showcase their talents and creativity through a collection of impressive 3D projects.

Join us at the best Animation and VFX institute in Mumbai, where your passion for creativity meets the world of 3D animation and VFX. Discover your potential, hone your skills, and prepare for a rewarding career in the dynamic and ever-evolving field of animation and visual effects.

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Your journey to becoming a skilled 3D animator and VFX artist starts here!

Get trained for a career in 3D animation at Zee Institute of Creative Art Borivali. The institute has been providing specialised training from the last 15 years to students from all over Mumbai, Pune, Navi Mumbai and other major cities of India. Zica borivali offers two-year integrated Bachelors in Digital Arts and Animation & Design Programmes with specializations in Computer Graphics and Web Designing, Animation & 3D Modeling. You can start your career today!

Fundamentals of Art & Design & Computer Graphics (2 Months)
    Exploring the core principles of visual art and design, including concepts such as line, shape, form, balance, and composition.

    History of Animation

    A journey through the history of animation, from its earliest origins to modern techniques and technologies, highlighting key milestones and influential figures.

    Principles of Design

    Understanding the foundational principles of design, such as contrast, rhythm, unity, and emphasis, which are essential for creating compelling visual compositions.

    Fundamentals of Drawing

    Developing essential drawing skills, including techniques for sketching, shading, and capturing form and perspective.

    Still Life

    Studying the art of depicting inanimate objects, often arranged in a composition, to enhance observational and rendering skills.

    Color Theory

    Exploring the principles of color, including color harmonies, temperature, and the emotional impact of color, to create visually appealing artwork.

    Introduction to Computer Graphics

    An overview of the basics of computer graphics, including digital tools, software, and techniques used for creative visual design.

    Background Painting

    Focusing on the creation of backgrounds and settings for various forms of visual media, emphasizing the use of color, light, and atmosphere.

    These topics serve as a strong foundation for individuals interested in pursuing careers in art, design, and computer graphics. They provide the necessary knowledge and skills to create visually engaging and meaningful works of art and design.
3D Animation (6 Months)

    3D Modeling

    Creating three-dimensional objects and characters within a digital environment, laying the foundation for 3D animation.

    Model Texturing

    Applying textures, colors, and materials to 3D models to give them realistic or stylized appearances, enhancing their visual appeal.

    Model Rigging

    Building a digital skeleton (rig) for characters and objects, enabling them to move and be animated realistically.

    3D Lighting

    Illuminating 3D scenes, setting the mood, and enhancing the visual quality of animations.

    3D Animation

    The art of bringing 3D characters, objects, and scenes to life through movement, storytelling, and character performance.

    Animation Dynamics

    Simulating physical interactions and realistic movements within 3D animations, including elements like gravity, collisions, and fluid dynamics.

    These topics are crucial for individuals interested in 3D animation and modeling, providing a comprehensive understanding of the skills and techniques necessary to create captivating 3D animations and visual content.
Specialising - Any One (3 Months)

    3D Animation

    The art of bringing 3D objects, characters, and environments to life through the creation of movement, storytelling, and character performances.

    3D Modeling

    The process of creating three-dimensional objects and characters within a digital environment, forming the basis of 3D design and animation.

    3D Model Texturing

    Applying textures, materials, and surface details to 3D models to enhance their visual realism and create unique appearances.

    3D Lighting & Shading

    3D Lighting: Illuminating 3D scenes to establish ambiance, mood, and visual clarity in animations, games, and visual effects. Shading: Manipulating the appearance of 3D surfaces by adjusting attributes like color, reflectivity, and transparency, contributing to the overall look and feel of 3D scenes.

    These topics are fundamental components of the 3D design and animation process, enabling artists and animators to create immersive and visually captivating experiences in various forms of digital media.
modeling and riggin in ZICA animation
lighting and texturing in Autodesk MAYA

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