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Graphic & web design Course


This is a combination program of Program in Graphic Design & Program in Web Design.

Bringing you the best of two courses under an umbrella of one-year-long course. Thereby preparing for the career not just in Graphic Design but also in the fast-growing Digital and Web Design Industry.

Program in Graphic Design (6 Months)

During the graphic designing classes you will learn to combine text, images, designs & illustrations in a presentable layout for print. It has a wide array of requirements like Design for Art, Illustration, Advertising, Photography, Image Editing for Newspapers, Magazines, Displays, The Print Media, etc., to name a few. This program caters to all different forms of print-related activities, wherein a student learns right from the basics to the advanced forms of Graphic Design. In this program, we cover the world’s best printing tools and technologies with a strong focus on Design.

Program Content (6 Months)
  • Design & Illustration concept
  • Computer Graphics
  • Digital Illustration – 1
  • Digital Illustration – 2
  • Digital Layout Design
  • Digital Layout Design
  • Design for Printing
  • Advertising and Packaging
  • Assignment & Portfolio Building

Students will have the requisite skills to digitally compile artworks for illustrations, advertisements, photography, image editing, Press Ads, Magazine Artwork, Promotional Displays, etc. He / She will also have a basic understanding of Design & Composition, hence delivering good results. This can help you grab job opportunities with companies located in Borivali, Dahisar, Mira Road, Bhayandar, etc.

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graphics designing course
graphics designing course

Program in Web Design (6 Months)

Web Design typically includes a combination of text, images, animation, audio-video & other interactive forms of media, embedded in the presentable form for web/internet. This web designing institute exposes you to the art & technology of creating web templates; web banners; responsive as well as interactive flash web pages and animated e-presentations.

The emerging student will gain a complete understanding of website design with capability development to conceptualize, design and create best in class websites independently. This will help students staying in far locations like Naigaon, Nallasopara, Vasai & Virar, etc can become self-employed or freelancers.

Web page Design (6 Months)
  • Website Design Concept
  • Web Animation
  • Flash Script
  • Website Basics
  • Web Layout
  • Server Side Script
  • Responsive Layout – UI
  • Video Editing
web designing course
web designing course
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