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Graphic & Web design Course in Malad


This is a combination program of Program in Graphic Design & Program in Web Design.

Program in Graphic Design (6 Months)


At ZICA Malad, we believe in offering you the best of both worlds. Our one-year program combines the essence of two distinct but intertwined courses, creating a comprehensive educational experience that prepares you for a versatile career.

Graphic Design & Digital/Web Design

Our program is not limited to Graphic Design alone. We have carefully curated a one-of-a-kind journey that prepares you for a career not just in Graphic Design but also in the rapidly growing Digital and Web Design industry.

Program Content (6 Months)
  • Design & Illustration concept
  • Computer Graphics
  • Digital Illustration – 1
  • Digital Illustration – 2
  • Digital Layout Design
  • Digital Layout Design
  • Design for Printing
  • Advertising and Packaging
  • Assignment & Portfolio Building
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graphics designing course
graphics designing course

ZICA Malad - Program in Web Design (6 Months)

Web Design Description:
Welcome to ZICA's Web Design program in Malad, Mumbai. In a world increasingly driven by the web, our 6-month program is your gateway to mastering the art and technology of creating captivating online experiences.

A Blend of Creativity and Technology

Web Design is a dynamic fusion of creativity and technology. It involves harmoniously weaving text, images, animation, audio-video, and interactive media into a seamless and visually appealing form for the web and internet. Our program is designed to provide you with a deep understanding of:

Web page Design (6 Months)
  • Website Design Concept
  • Web Animation
  • Flash Script
  • Website Basics
  • Web Layout
  • Server Side Script
  • Responsive Layout – UI
  • Video Editing
web designing course
web designing course

Web Templates

Web templates are the cornerstone of outstanding web design. In just a few clicks, you can shape the online world with visually stunning and functional websites. They provide the structure and layout essential for a compelling user experience. In our program, you'll master the art of creating web templates, learning to blend aesthetics with functionality. Whether you're a budding web designer or a seasoned professional, this skill is your gateway to crafting exceptional online spaces. Join us at ZICA Malad, Mumbai, and embark on a creative journey where your designs become the strong foundations for remarkable websites.

Web Banners

Web banners are the visual voice of effective online marketing. In just a few pixels, they wield the power to captivate, inform, and convert. Our program teaches you the art of designing web banners that demand attention and leave a lasting impact. Learn to create banners that not only look visually stunning but also drive engagement, click-throughs, and conversions. Whether you're an aspiring digital marketer or a designer looking to enhance your skill set, mastering web banner design is your ticket to creating marketing assets that stand out in the crowded digital landscape. Join us at ZICA Malad, Mumbai, and be the architect of impactful online marketing.

Responsive Design

In a world where digital content is consumed on a multitude of screens, responsive design is paramount. Our program empowers you to create websites that gracefully adjust to all screen sizes and devices, ensuring a flawless user experience. Learn to implement flexible layouts and adaptive elements that automatically optimize content for smartphones, tablets, and desktops. Whether you're a web designer, developer, or digital enthusiast, mastering responsive design is the key to creating web experiences that look and function beautifully on any device. Join us at ZICA Malad, Mumbai, and become a part of the future where every website is truly responsive.

Animated E-Presentations

In the digital age, captivating your audience is paramount, and animated web E-presentations are your secret weapon. Our program is your gateway to mastering the art of creating engaging online presentations. Learn to weave together dynamic visuals, motion, and interactivity to convey your message with impact. Whether you're a marketer, educator, or a creative communicator, this skill is indispensable. Gain the ability to tell compelling stories, deliver persuasive pitches, or provide interactive learning experiences that leave a lasting impression. Join us at ZICA Malad, Mumbai, and be the creator of web presentations that captivate and resonate with your audience, leaving a lasting digital footprint.

Nurturing Creativity

Whether you are a seasoned designer looking to expand your skill set or a novice eager to explore the world of web design, our program empowers you to unleash your creativity and craft compelling digital experiences. Join us at ZICA Malad, Mumbai, and embark on a rewarding journey in the ever-evolving field of Web Design. Your future as a web designer starts here.

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